The Feedback

Summary of Results

Visitors at the exhibition were encouraged by members of the development team to fill in a feedback form. The team explained the importance of written feedback, saying that it would be considered when preparing a final planning application.

The feedback form included a number of set questions but also allowed space for and encouraged respondents to submit comments on the scheme. For those who wanted more time to complete the form, these could be taken away, completed and then returned or completed via the website.

Positive feedback was received on the exhibition:

“A very good exhibition and interesting people to talk to. I will be using Tollgate and town on a regular basis. It really upsets me to see the old Sainsbury’s left derelict.”

“Congratulations on the exhibition, a great way to start this off – is by getting the views of local people (often not done).”



In all, 362 feedback forms were completed at the exhibition and an additional 105 forms were completed online.

The feedback form was designed to obtain quantitative and qualitative feedback, to encourage consideration of the information available and to give opportunities for any comments respondents had in relation to the scheme.

The project team will ensure that everyone who indicated that they would like to be kept updated about the proposals will be (as described in the Conclusions and Next Steps.)

Questionnaire Results


The results from the set questions on the feedback forms are set out below. From the outset, it is important to recognise that 75.2% of respondents lived in the Stanway Parish Council area with 23.5% living beyond. We therefore believe the sample is representative of the local Stanway and wider Colchester area.

When asked whether particular components/type of uses should be included within the scheme, there was significant support for all elements. The results for each question are set out below.









To view our response from the main themes of the feedback and a summary of all comments recieved, please click the pdf below.

responding to feedback