Government Minister gives go ahead to Tollgate Village!

On August 4 it was announced that Secretary of State Sajid Javid had granted Tollgate Partnership Limited’s appeal against Colchester Borough Council’s repeated refusal to grant planning permission for Tollgate Village.

Directors Jayne Gee and Daniel Watts, welcomed the long-awaited news about the popular project: “We are delighted and relieved that, after many years of hard work, we can bring Tollgate Village to Colchester.”

“This is a good day for our town and we want to thank the huge number of people who have supported us; it means the world.”

“We hope the next phase of the planning process will proceed quickly and efficiently in order for us to deliver Tollgate Village.”

Just 24 hours after the Secretary of State’s announcement, Jayne and Daniel met on site with The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, whose Witham constituency includes Stanway, to thank her for supporting Tollgate Village.

They said: “Priti’s involvement hasn’t made her popular within Colchester Borough Council. She speaks her mind, which is refreshing, and gets behind many local issues that affect her local constituency.  She has been a staunch supporter all along of Tollgate Village.”

“We really appreciate Priti’s support, she’s been fabulous throughout. She’s been doing exactly what a local MP should be doing.”

Daniel and Jayne said Tollgate Village was their father’s legacy. Danny Watts Snr, who started developing Tollgate Retail Park 37 years ago, died in 2013.

They added: “We are continuing his vision and that’s what this has all been about. People say business isn’t personal, but for us it is. We are a family business, we are a local family and we are continuing something that our father started all those years ago. Tollgate Village is a testament to his legacy.”

Priti Patel MP said: “This is fantastic news for Stanway and this part of Essex. Hundreds of new jobs are now set to be created and we will get to benefit from new facilities and investment in Stanway. I have supported the Tollgate Partnership throughout this process and congratulate them on securing planning permission. They have faced a protracted and difficult process by Colchester Borough Council who have delayed this scheme and the economic benefits it will bring.”

Stanway’s County Councillor Kevin Bentley said: “I am thrilled and delighted by this decision. I have always maintained that Tollgate Village would be a tremendous boost to our economy. With our Borough growing, we need developments that gives our residents the right facilities in the right places and Tollgate Village provides this.”

Borough Councillor Jackie MacLean said: “I have been supportive of the Tollgate Village proposals and this decision is good news for Stanway. This is a major investment to the local economy and community.”