Tollgate Village Application - Have Your Say

The resubmission of the Tollgate Village proposals has finally been registered with Colchester Borough Council under application number 160868.  The application is very similar to the original application submitted in February 2015, but has been tweaked in light of previous discussions between the applicant, Highways and Essex County Council and also following the Planning Committee’s decision to refuse the original scheme.

“The validation took slightly longer than anticipated and we’re unsure of the reason but we’re pleased it has finally been registered.” said Director Daniel Watts.  “The application has the same fundamental principles as the previous application and we believe that it accords with both Local and National Policies”

There were four reasons for refusal of the original application –

Loss of Employment Land
Impact on Investment & Retail Hierarchy
Sustainable Development

These have all been refuted by Directors Jayne Gee and Daniel Watts.  “Against the backdrop of compliance with the Development Plan, National Guidance and other material considerations, we feel that, in the absence of harm and considering the numerous tangible benefits arising from the proposal, Planning Permission should be granted.  This application gives the Council another chance to consider the merits of the development at local level rather than being placed in the hands of a government inspector.”

Comments can be made directly to the council via its website by clicking on the ‘Tollgate Village Application’ link below and then clicking the “Comment On Application” box.

Tollgate Village Application