Tollgate Village application resubmitted

The directors of Tollgate Partnership Limited have resubmitted their planning application for Tollgate Village a few weeks after appealing Colchester Borough Council’s decision to refuse permission.

After more than 2,500 people signed a petition, started by @Colchesterviews and recently presented to the Local Plan Committee, directors Jayne Gee and Daniel Watts decided public opinion could not be ignored.

Commenting on their surprise move to resubmit, the directors said: “We feel this an opportunity for the Planning Committee and Officers to rethink their decision and listen to what the people of Colchester want. We are also giving the Council a second chance to be responsible for a massive boost to the Borough’s economy, create 1,000 jobs and to make this decision locally rather than it being determined by a Government Inspector in a lengthy and costly appeal process.”

The resubmitted application is fundamentally the same as the original but includes a more robust highways report which details improvements to the local infrastructure including the A12 junction.

“With the local elections looming, we hope that the public will vote people onto the Council who are going to listen to them. We expect this application to be heard by a new committee after the local elections.”

“We have decided to resubmit in the light of the overwhelming support from the people of Colchester. Had Members been aware of all of this support they might have made a different decision.”

Tollgate Partnership Limited will keep people informed of how to comment on the application once it has been given an application number.